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Maintenir et gérer

Beyond the initial implementation, Mitel will support you throughout the life of your solution with a broad choice of services: maintenance plans tailored to your preferred level of incident resolution; an advanced remote monitoring service; reliable warranty and repair plans; and sound Software Assurance coverage as your solution evolves and grows. Mitel managed services ensure every aspect of your solution is taken care of by professionals, enabling you to rest easy and focus on your core area of business. For a complete single-provider solution, the addition of Mitel US network carrier services can deliver esteemed call quality and consistent service.

Professional Services

Le portefeuille de services professionnels (Professional Services) de Mitel aide les clients à maximiser leur investissement dans les solutions de communications mondialement reconnues de Mitel.

Product Release Lifecycle Policy

The document provides information in regards to: Software Release Policy, Product Lifecycle Support, Long Term Support Release, and Manufacture Discontinue process.


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Mitel Trust

We provide our customers with a brilliantly simple communication solution. We endeavor to provide the highest system availability and publish our performance publicly to illustrate this commitment to reliability and transparency.